Photographer Bart Synowiec showcases his inner urban explorer at Parkdale gallery.

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Toronto is a creative hub, with a rich artistic community that has only grown more prevalent throughout the years. From Nuit Blanche to Art Toronto, both local and international artists are always encouraged to showcase their work in our city. The galleries of Queen and Dundas West often feature emerging artists and smaller scale exhibits, and are the perfect way to get to know Toronto’s local talent. We caught up with Bart Synowiec to talk about his upcoming exhibit Systematic Compositions at the Mark Christopher Gallery in Parkdale, and what inspires his photography. 

Synowiec’s interest in visual arts was sparked at a young age. Born in 80s communist Poland, it wasn’t exactly easy to fund a hobby. But his family made do with what they had, specifically his uncles who had a passion for photography. “One of the memories that always comes to mind is the deep red glow coming from the bathroom at my grandparent’s apartment.  My uncles would use the bathroom as a makeshift dark room in order to facilitate developing film”, the artist tells us. He assumed everyone’s photos looked like “they could have been printed a hundred years ago” until he was exposed to colour photographs after his move to Canada. He got a hold of his first SLR camera in highschool and started to explore the world of photography – although it took time to master the technical skills, his interest stayed prominent and eventually lead him to his current career.

For Synowiec, Systematic Compositions is “a culmination of the technical and artistic aspects of capturing an image”. The photos were taken in various locations around the world ranging from abandoned chateaus in France to industrial facilities in Detroit. He captures the perfect images in the most imperfect of places; they portray the notion of the time people spend in crafting their own life images, and how those images can often be a stark contrast to reality. He prefers to venture off the beaten path, disregarding the risks that come with photographing deserted places. “Experiencing and capturing imagery that has a certain level of excitement and awe is something I will always strive for” says Synowiec.

Systematic Compositions will make its debut at Mark Christopher Gallery (1594 Queen Street West) this coming Friday at 7pm, and runs until December 20th.

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